2020 Proposed By Laws Revisions

DCCW Bylaw Revisions – vote on  August 15, 2020

The National Council of Catholic Women has proposed a mentoring program that will be taken within each province.  They suggest that the new province director start to mentor the present province director in January.

Article X    Section 1 – f       currently read:

The elected province director will be installed at the National Council of Catholic Women Convention in the fall.

Change the wording to:

The election will be in the year preceding the installation as Province Director.  This takes effect in 2023 and be implemented every six(6) years  She will be elected in June, be announced at the province meeting in July, begin shadowing the current Province Director in January, of the following year, and be installed at the National Council of Catholic Women Convention that Fall. 

 A Section 1-g needs to be added.

No expenses shall be paid for her until her installation as Province Director.

For clarification these words need to be added to Article IV  Section 5.

Upon the resignation, death or incapacity of the President-Elect, the Vice-President shall become the President-Elect (for the remainder of the term and then her name may be placed in nomination for election to the office of President-Elect  along with other candidates.)

Article VII   Section 2-a   needs clarification.      It shall read:

2-a  The last sentence needs to read:  A co-chairperson may be named to help with the various programs and she may hold this office for (2) 2 year  terms .

Article VII Section 3-b  It is suggested that the most recent province director be placed on the Finance Committee.  Her experience on all levels of council will bring extra knowledge in setting a budget.           It shall read:

b. The members of this committee shall be the immediate past president, immediate past treasurer, the present treasurer (and the most recent past province director.)  (President serves as ex-officio member.)

Due to the fact that our Diocesan Biennial Convention may be held in August, we need to change the financial year to end on July 31st.

Article XI   Section 2 shall read:

The fiscal year of GIDCCW shall be the twelve calendar months period ending on (replace August 31st with July 31st) in each year, unless otherwise provided by the Board of Directors.

These are being published in accordance with Article XII.

The Bylaws may be amended at any biennial convention by a two thirds vote or the voting delegates, provided copy of the proposed amendment or amendments shall have been received by the voting delegates at least one month prior to the day of the convention and notice published in the official diocesan Catholic paper the preceding two weeks before the convention.

Submitted by,

Darleen B. Schulte