A Message from Theresa Pavlik, Province Director

Dear ladies of the Grand Island Diocese,

Peace be with you as you progress through lent. May your Lenten journey be filled with graces that will bring new insights to a growing relationship with Jesus.

There are many things in our society to give alms to, fast for, and offer prayers. It is important for us and all voting citizens to be aware of legislation being considered for Nebraska. A good source of information is available at Nebraska Catholic Conference (NECC) website. The NECC offers us a way to communicate with our representatives. We need to be alert to events at the National level as well. Rice bowls for CRS and poor boxes provide a unique resource for giving alms. There are many missions and food pantries as well. Let us pray for responsible leadership.

God has walked with us for centuries and will not abandon us now. We must remain faithful and steadfast.

Let us pray, fast and give alms!

Your sister in Christ,

Theresa Pavlik

Province of Omaha Director