Best Choice Labels

An ongoing project of the Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women has been the collection of Best Choice Bar Codes to support clean drinking water. This project began in 2007 when Betty Larson (Arnold) was International Chair and Judy Wagoner (Wood River) was co-chair. The first Check redemption in 2007 was for redemption of 5,000 bar codes and the bonus for $180.00. At that time only a few stores in Grand Island and Kearney carried the Best Choice products.

Fast forward to the present time, Best Choice Wholesale Grocers Inc. purchased Affiliated Foods in 2016 so more stores in the Grand Island Diocese carry Best Choice products. At the 2019 Spring Assembly the ladies trimmed and counted 18,000 bar codes for redemption. With the 13,000 trimmed and counted plus the yearly bonus of $30.00 $960.00 was received, and this for Bar Codes collected since January 1.

When this project began the money was forwarded to CSR (Catholic Relief Services).  With other cash donations from individuals, parishes, and Fair-Trade Product sales over $8,530.00 was forwarded.

Mission II Haiti

Are you sewing for Haiti? Are you collecting the Best Choice Bar Codes? Please bring them to the Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women’s 55th Biennial Convention to be held in North Platte on August 14 & 15th. If you are coming to the Convention maybe you could let the ladies in your area know so that you could deliver these items.

9,000 Bar Codes were redeemed and June for $300.00 (includes the bonus). There is a new “stash” waiting for more to be turned in at the end of the year. Postage is expensive so hope we can work together to collect the Best Choice Bar Codes and dresses and other items for Bob Easton and the Mission II Haiti group.   

The Bar Codes can be delivered at your parish meetings, spring and fall Diocesan Council of Catholic Women meetings or mailed to Mary/Judy Wagoner, 1411 Walnut St., Wood River 68883.

The number of Best Choice Bar Codes for redemption continues to climb. After the Biennial Convention 22,000 Best Choice Bar Codes have been collected, trimmed and counted and ready to send in.  Previously 9,000 Best Choice Bar Codes were redeemed in May. For 2020 this will result in $960.00 for Mission II Haiti Project.

Bar codes are redeemed in packets of 1,000. Plans are to mail the bar codes in November, so any additional ones are welcome. (Judy Wagoner, 411 Walnut St, Wood River 68883.)

Thank you for your continued support of this project which dates back to 2007. Over $30,265.00 in contributions and the bar code money have been forwarded to support clean water.

Thanks   Judy 08/18/20