Best Choice Labels

On July 9, 2019 the Mission II Haiti (headed by Bob Easton and Roger Hoffman) returned to Haiti with suitcases filled with over 450 dresses and 120 Shorts and a check for $4,500.00 to continue the mission of repairing and providing wells for clean safe drinking water to the people of northern Haiti. 

A mission of the Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (beginning in 2007) has been to work for providing clean safe drinking water with the funds being raised in part by the redemption of the Best Choice Bar Codes. For several years the money raised was sent to Catholic Relief Services. This changed in 2010.  Decision made to support Mission II Haiti, a  Kearney based team that go to Haiti several times a year to work to provide clean safe drinking water. Sometimes all that is needed is repairs and at other times a new well is dug. During this time they saw a need for clothing for the children so this support was expanded to sewing dresses and shorts for the children, that are delivered as they do the work. 
Since this mission of the GIDCCW began over $30,096.35 has been collected from the redemption of the Best choice Bar Codes and cash donations from individuals, groups and parishes for this project and paid for the support of clean drinking water. This project is on going, we thank everyone for their support and look forward to the next contribution/redemption of the Best Choice Bar Codes. Best Choice Bar Code products are available at AWG grocery stores. The Bar Codes can be delivered at your parish meetings, spring and fall Diocesan Council of Catholic Women meetings or mailed to Mary/Judy Wagoner, 1411 Walnut St., Wood River 68883.