Best Choice Labels

An ongoing project of the Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women has been the collecting of Best Choice Bar Codes to support clean drinking water. This project started in 2007 when Betty Larson was International Chair and Judy Wagoner was co-chair. The first check redemption in 2007 was for redemption of 5,000 bar codes and the bonus money. At that time only a few stores in Grand Island and Kearney carried the Best Choice Products.  

The Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women met at Camp Comeca on April 26-27 for the Spring Assembly. Sixty-one guests were registered for this Event. One of the Friday evening events for the Service Commission was to trim and count the Best Choice Bar Codes. Some started this task early in the day and by quitting time that evening over 18,000 Best Choice Bar Codes were trimmed, counted and bagged to be redeemed. With the 13,000 Bar Codes back home 31,000 will be redeemed. Each bar code is worth 3 cents, this will result in a check of $960.00 which along with the cash donations and the December redemption received ($2,607.29) will be forwarded to Mission II Haiti water project. 
Mission II Haiti is a group from Kearney that go down to Haiti several times a year to install and repair the drinking wells. This group also takes the dresses/shorts down to distribute. The Bank Summary for the GIDCCW from 11/05-4/07/18 shows that $25,596.88 has been collected by donations and redemption of the Best Choice Bar codes. For the first several years the money collected was forwarded to Catholic Relief Services, with a change made in 2011 to support a local group that go down to help provide clean accessible water for the people of Haiti.
So keep saving, trimming and counting the Best Choice Bar Codes. (Redeemed in bags of 1,000.)  A question was asked if the “Always Save” that have a similar number would qualify. A check was made and these do not qualify. 
Thank you for supporting the Mission II Haiti water project by your collecting Best Choice Bar Codes, cash donations and sewing the dresses/shorts for the children. 

 Please mail the bar codes to Judy Wagoner, 1411 Walnut St, Wood River, NE 68883