DCCW Contribution Sunday

October – December

Our annual Contribution dues collection is anytime between October and December.  Each parish is asked to collect donations from each woman or to make a monetary donation to help bring the above type programs to the whole Diocese.  Some parishes had great success with sending a separate letter bulk mailed to the women registered in their parish (be sure to get approval of your parish priest before you do this) & others simply make a set donation from the parish & the women decide what amount they wish to donate to the GIDCCW, while others use the white envelope with GIDCCW on the front.    Please inform and educate about our programs so they understand what the Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women support!  Some of the many blessings we’ve had this past year we’d like you to share with your parishes:

  • Increased the GIDCCW Scholarship to $200 for each of the four Deaneries (See New Application available)
  • Donated collections of over $72,000 for Seminarian Funds, in the last 8 years.
  • Sewing for Haiti children – collected hundreds of dresses &  boys short outfits
  • Collected money for Your Change Can Change Lives towards Newman Center Capital Campaign in Kearney
  • Donated money for Water for Life Nationally & for wells in Haiti
  • Created a trifold in English & Spanish handout of our mission, structure & Gleaning Leadership in your local Parish (contact us if you need more)
  • Created a website:  www.gidccw.org to help with Social Media & our Facebook page
  • Donated monies to NCCW for to help retire their debt!
  • Hosted Spring Assembly retreat
  • Donated money to Spirit Catholic Radio
  • Donated money to the Western Nebraska Register Catholic newspaper
  • Hosted several nationally known speakers, i.e. Angela Copenhaver, Dr. Edward Sri, Pat McGill, Christine Watkins, Elizabeth Bunbury, Stacy Thomlison, etc..

These all involve the family & we hope you continue to pass the word along in your parish of any upcoming events or programs so more can enjoy the fruits of our efforts.  We can find purpose in life in many ways, but serving God’s people in need is a wonderful path.  May we all look for opportunities to show God’s love.

We select October to collect these annual contributions because it is the National month of the Rosary, although we will accept donations all year round!  If we receive them prior to April 1, 2019, you receive voting privileges for the upcoming year.  Please mail all donations to the Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women Treasurer, Judy Wagoner, 1401 Walnut Street, Wood River, NE 68883    Thank you & God Bless!

Deb Eschliman, President of Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women