We’re celebrating the 100th Anniversary of NCCW this spring!  We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us.  This Centennial celebration comes with pride and strength in knowing who we are and who we serve.  Plan an activity in your parish to celebrate this milestone!  Remember to take photos and share them on our Grand Island DCCW Facebook page and your local paper along with the West NE Register.

Education is key in getting members involved at your local parishes.  Women do all the necessary work from luncheons to funeral dinners and serve the parish on every ministry level with happy hearts!  We want to be mentors to the new woman in the pew!  Be Proud of the work the Council of Catholic Women do on your parish, deanery, diocesan & national level.  Don’t hide or be shy about sharing how these women can get involved.  BE PROUD OF WHO WE ARE TOGETHER & encourage others to step up and serve the Lord. Communication & Membership will bloom in every parish by email or phone calling upcoming events & service projects.  Encourage young women to be involved to help CCW grow at every level & Mentoring all women young & old!  Take advantage of the High School & College NCCW memberships available for the young ladies in your area.

Calling All Catholics Passing On our Faith to the Next Generation is a fantastic resource available to all members on the www.NCCW.org Members Only Resources!  Steps to begin include:

  • Prayer-Thank God for your own faith every day. Thank God for the gift of others He’s placed in your life
  • Witness-Faith is passed on by example
  • Testimony-Sharing the stories of how God has worked in your own life
  • Take Action-Intentionally plan activities and service that is inter-generational. Be inclusive in every stage of life

Make your meetings and functions fun!  Every meeting should have a time limit and those presenting reports should have them written to keep to the time allotted. Women are sacrificing time away from family & work and want to be spiritually fed if they’re taking time away from family events. The Membership Committee had some terrific fun ideas January 2019 in their report.  If you need a copy, contact Kayleen Lukasiewicz.

Become an Individual Member of the NCCW if you aren’t already. It’s a perfect gift to celebrate our Centennial year & become one!   Call NCCW at 703-224-0990 or go to www.nccw.org & select the membership level you’d prefer.  Be sure to tell NCCW or write on application “give credit to Omaha P.D. Susan Johnson.”  All parishes & deaneries who have paid their Affiliate dues to NCCW also need to report to NCCW the new Councils President’s name, email address and phone number so she will begin receiving the Catholic Woman magazine, monthly email Connect, Rosary and Membership call notices and access to all Member Resources on the NCCW site. 

Follow the four steps above with Prayer, Witness, Testimony & Take Action & start today.  Be bold and be the best version of yourself every day!

Sherry  Weatherly, Leadership Commission Chair 308-530-1474

Christine Lousias, Co Chair