“Whatever your task, work heartily, as serving the Lord and not men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward; you are serving the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3:24-25

Service Around the Grand Island Diocese

The Council of Catholic Women have been very busy throughout the diocese, with Bake Sales, Garage Sales, serving breakfast, provided meals for the Deacons {in their parish}, quarterly meal for Priest in the diocese, Baby Showers for Right to Life, Local Right to Life marches, Involving CCD in collecting can goods for local food pantries, providing refreshments for parish activities.

Council Women are also very active in their parishes serving as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Catechist, leading the Rosary before mass. This is just a small portion of the many ways’ council women are serving the Lord. Not to mention on how We serve our families†

Best Choice Bar Codes/ Mission II Haiti

On November 22 Best Choice Bar Codes totaling 13,000 were trimmed, counted and mailed in for redemption. This will result in $390.00 for the Mission II Haiti from this November collection. For  2019, the total number of Bar Codes redeemed is 44,000, or a total of $1,320.00 plus the bonus of $30.00 for Mission II Haiti. A BIG HELP this year was the help with the trimming and counting the Bar Codes before they are turned in. The Bar Codes are redeemed in groups of 1,000 and as you can image it would take many hours to do, though with everyone helping counting in smaller numbers it makes the task much more manageable.

Added to the redemption payments other organizations and individuals have made monetary donation to this fund which is gratefully appreciated and recognized. With the November redemption over $28,655.00 will be contributed to the Mission II Haiti project. Thanks for your support and keep collecting the Best Choice Bar Codes to be turned in at the spring Deanery meetings or at the Spring Assembly (Halsey, April 17-18, 2020).


Council women are busy making dresses and shorts for the children in Haiti. Please give the count to service chair or co-chair, if turning in dresses/shorts ahead of Spring Assembly.

Human Trafficking


There is a wealth of information on the NCCW website. Attached to this report is print outs, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS, 7 APPS THAT COULD HURT YOUR TEEN and a handout: 4 ways to take action against domestic minor sex trafficking. (this information will be available at Halsey.)


Many councils throughout the GIDCCW participated in the “Boxes of JOY”.

If you have any questions regarding these projects or ideas for projects contact:

Tricia Ferguson, GIDCCW Service Commission Chair {308}-577-6394

DeAnn Morse, GIDCCW Service Commission Co-Chair {602} 359-5758