Spirituality Chairman 2018-2020, Barb Sack

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Gee, how do I put into a few words how God has brought me to my faith.  As I look back over my 66 years of life, I should have died numerous times, and didn’t.  So, God must have more work for me here on earth to accomplish.  Therefore, I was honored when Deb asked me to be Spirituality Chairman.  It will give me an opportunity to grow in my faith while I try to encourage the DCCW members to grow in their spirituality.

My goal is to keep the Council informed on upcoming events that will help them gain knowledge and feed their souls.  I tell my PCCW what a great job they do serving the needs of our parish.  As women, we do so much for our families, the community, work and church.  But we need to take time to nourish ourselves spiritually or we face burn out.  I plan to help Deb find inspirational speakers for Lenten Retreats and Spring Assembly.  The Pope told our NCCW President, he would like us to focus on Human Trafficking.  Deb and I hope to educate ourselves as well as the DCCW in this field.

There are some upcoming events that fall under the Spirituality Commission.   October is the month of the Rosary.  I encourage you and myself, to pray this powerful prayer daily this month.  October is also Respect Life Month.  Many communities will be standing along the street on Sunday, Oct. 7th publicly praying the rosary to end abortion.  The 2018 Prolife Banquet and Conference is October 26th & 27th in Lincoln at the Cornhusker Hotel.  Keynote speaker is, Dr. George Delgado, pioneer of the abortion pill reversal process.  Visit necatholic.org to register or call 402-477-7517.

Finally, I want to challenge myself and you to do a little extra to help us grow spiritually this year.  If daily Mass is not part of your routine try to incorporate it once during the week.  If the Rosary isn’t a daily prayer, try to pray it or the Divine Mercy Chaplet on the way to work.  I started praying it on my early morning walk.  How about Adoration?  If that is something you are not used to doing start small.  Just a few quiet minutes before the Blessed Sacrament, just you and Jesus.  See where it will lead you.

In closing,  God constantly communicates with us. We just have to be open to the Spirit.  May you feel His loving touch at least once a day.      Peace be with you,

Barb Sack, GIDCCW Spirituality Chairman