Wow, my last report was at the beginning of Lent.  Then 2 weeks into Lent our world, as we know it, was turned upside down by the Corona virus.  I have never experienced anything like this, and the experts say that this Covid-19 is a once in a century Pandemic.  Last year at this time, we were struggling with the after effects of the once in a century flood.  Lord have mercy on us.

MERCY, Sunday was Divine Mercy Sunday.  Never have the words of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy meant more than they do now.  HAVE MERCY ON US AND ON THE WHOLE WORLD.  We probably all know someone who has the virus or a first responder or someone in the health care profession who are on the front lines.  PRAY FOR THEM, they need God’s tender loving mercy now more than ever.

I should report that the Bilingual Lenten Retreat scheduled for March 7, in Lexington turned out to be just in English due to another Spanish retreat being held in Lexington on the same day.  But Deacon Neal Baquet shared his faith journey and helped us reflect on how God has been there to guide us on our own spiritual journeys.  Fr. Lou Nollette provided a Pre-Lenten Retreat on February 22 in Thedford entitled, Gifts of the Visitation.  Thank you, Fr. Lou and Deacon Neal for sharing your gifts with us.

March 4th was Catholics at the Capital.  We celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Council of Catholic Women with everyone who attended with a cake during our lunch break.  Tom Venzor from the NE Catholic Conference, and his staff have compiled information regarding the candidates support or opposition to important issues.  Our Primary Election is May 12, if you would like to apply for a mail in ballot, that needs to be done by May 1.  You can apply for one on line if you have not seen it in the mail or newspaper.

In closing, try to stay positive.  Find something good in every day and situation.  I see families spending more time together, working on school work, playing games, eating meals and praying together.  Since we are not running around to events, we have time to call, write or email friends and family we haven’t visited with for a while.  Thanks to technology, we can attend daily Mass every day, anytime of the day.  And just think how excited we will be when we can receive the body and blood of Jesus again.

Please stay safe, stay home, stay healthy.  Keep praying and keep the faith.  God will get us through this.

Barb Sack, GIDCCW Spirituality Chairman