It has been an honor to be the Spirituality Commission Chairwoman, for the past two years.  It has been at times, an eye-popping and sad experience, for me, as I came to know things I never knew about before this.  I learned about the wickedness among people who are working diligently to snuff out religion and especially the Catholic Faith.  They write and direct “movies” using people in a disgusting manner to further their causes promoting homosexuality and other vile disgraces to human beings everywhere.

I learned the number of abortions which were committed at Planned Parenthood Centers around the nation, since 2006, and it caused me great pain to hear this huge number.

The recent news of the horrific sex scandals within the Catholic Church, coming from Pennsylvania, has greatly saddened many hearts.  We pray for all of the victims!  It has been heavy on my heart.  All our clergy and seminarians desperately need our daily prayers.  Please feel free to contact Copy Cat Printers, in Grand Island, to order Seminarian Prayer cards for your church.  These prayer cards are under the Grand Island Diocese, however, your church is responsible for the cost of the cards you order.         I discovered that our NE Legislature approved the Title X provisions ensuring that Title X funds do not go to abortion services.  It prohibits funds from being distributed to organizations that perform, assist with, provides direct counseling in favor of, or referring to abortion.  This is a GREAT VICTORY for Pro-Life and Nebraska and we must continue to pray for all states to follow suit and for this provision, to permanently remain intact in the future.  There are now Pro-Life license plates available, which only cost $5 extra, from the DMV in Lincoln, NE.  So, there are good things too.

In closing, I would like to encourage YOU to encourage your Church  to involve parish children with church projects.  If they become involved now, they will usually stay involved as they grow into adults.  Our children are the future of the Church.  We need to share what we know with them, so tell them of your faith.  Tell your family, friends, nieces, nephews, neighbors…anyone who will listen.  You don’t know whose eternal life you will change and save by sharing what you know.

Sincerely in Christ,

Pat Knutson