Congratulations to St. Ann’s of Lexington on the permanent diaconate of Jesus Alvarez.  Remember to pray for our Bishop, Priests, Diaconates and Seminarians.  I understand we have a number of young men discerning priesthood, pray for vocations.

Keep praying for the end to abortion.  I really think and feel in my heart, it is getting closer, as some states are now considering it murder.   Thank you, Jesus and Mary.

Thank you for all the prays for Jerry and I recently.  May 1-6, Jerry was in the hospital with chronic COPD.  May 8th, he had a new pace maker implanted.  May 19th, he took a bad fall due to blood sugars reading 588. I am grateful for family, friends, doctors and nurses and all the support.

We just celebrated Pentecost Sunday.  I want to share June 9ths reading from my “Jesus Calling” book.  “Wear My Love from head to toe, like a cloak of Light.  Be radiant with the Light of My Presence.”  Let your light of the Holy Spirit shine for all to see.  At home, work, church and in the community.    Peace!

Barb Sack, GIDCCW Spirituality Chairman