Spirituality Report: January 17, 2022, Full Board Meeting

                                       Spirituality Chairman, Barb Sack

Barb Sack, chairman of the Spirituality Committee, shared that 2021 has been an emotional time for our GIDCCW, saddened, with the deaths of four past presidents; our past current president Kayleen Lukasiewicz, Janet Naughtin, Mary Wortman, and Rose Mary Thomas. Our current president, Lorraine Pozehl, was presented with Kayleen’s president’s scarf, NCCW president’s pin and clasp from Kayleen’s family. Each member present was given small satchels appearing to be sewn by Kayleen, again, presented by Kayleen’s family.

If there are any Lenten Retreats happening in your parish, let Barb Sack know and she will share the information via the diocesan Facebook page and the North Platte Deanery Facebook page.