Kearney Deanery Council of Catholic Women

SPIRITUAL ADVISOR          Matt Koperski

President   Imelda Gressley

Vice President  Kellie Crowell

Secretary    Nancy Polk

Treasurer  Annette Gallaway

Leadership  Denise Ourada

Service   Geri Krolikowski

Spirituality  Frances Kaslon

Parishes we Serve:

Amherst:    Pat Loeffelholz

Ashton:   Maxine Hurt (please mail to 300 W Burton St., Ashton, NE 68817)

Burwell:  Fran Kaslon

Elm Creek:  Denise Ourada

Hazard:  Rhonda wardyn

Kearney:  Nancy Polk

Lexington:  Parish Center

Loup City:  Geri Krolikowski

Ord:  Raina Anderson

Overton:  No Parish Representative

Pleasanton:  Marti Heikel

Ravenna:    vacant

Ladies of Kearney Deanery of Council of Catholic Women  met at St. Josaphat’s Church Hall on Saturday October 19, 2019 with registration held at 9:00 a.m. A delicious brunch was served by the ladies of St. Josaphat’s.  Guest speaker Vivian Damratowski spoke on “Volunteering at the Border”.  She had gone with a volunteering group to El Paso,  Texas and close to the border city of  Juarez, Mexico.  She spent two weeks there caring for immigrants from Central America waiting for asylum papers in to United States.  A shelter was provided for the immigrants.  There was also a  motel call the Mesa Inn where the migrants stayed. 
Vivian and the other volunteers helped with providing food and clothing for the migrants.   A warehouse for the many immigrants was purchased for them  to stay in.  The volunteers also made sandwiches of peanut butter and jelly and provided bottles of water for “food for the journey” as they went on to their destination.   
Vivian  showed slide pictures of the shelter area too.  A business meeting followed the presentation.  Parish reps gave short reports of each parish for role call.  Secretary minutes were read and approved.  Treasurer’s report was given.  Commission reports were given.  A reminder was given to pay the annual dues for NCCW, Kearney Deanery dues, and dues to the local GIDCCW.   Seminary Funds was also on the agenda.  Our Spring Deanery Meeting will be hosted by Prince of Peace.  The meeting concluded with Mass said by our Spiritual Advisor Matt Koperski.