Contribution Sunday – Annual Dues

GIDCCW Contribution Sunday-dues collected in October – April.  These dues must be received by April Spring Assembly in order to retain voting privileges for upcoming Biennial Convention in the fall.   Since October is National Rosary month we like to have our dues collected by December 31st to have a better idea of programs in our budget for the year.  The NCCW dues are also due by December 31st every year, so this date does coincide with National Council of Catholic Women due date.

All Catholic woman 18 years of age or older automatically belong to the council of Catholic women.  We do many things as an organization. Yes, we help with funeral dinners, parish fundraisers, clean church, pray, play bingo, manage thrift stores and so much more in our parishes. But we do even more than that! Our main function is to support, empower  and educate women in all areas through leadership, spirituality and service. Catholic women play a critical role in carrying out the churches mission to care for the poor and the least among us and to put our faith into action.

Every year, the Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic women are busy helping with the following projects & events:

  • Repairing safe drinking wells in Haiti, through support of the Mission II Haiti.
  • Sewing hundreds of dresses and shorts & donating old suitcases to transport the clothes for children in Haiti.
  • Providing used vestments for priests in Haiti
  • Donated $10,000 annually to the seminarian fund
  • Donating hundreds of dollars in scholarships to local high school senior girls every year
  • Leadership training to all women
  • Providing funds to the Newman Centers in Kearney and Chadron.
  • Offer retreats and inspirational speakers all over the diocese numerous times throughout the year.
  • Attend Catholics at the Capitol and take a stand against abortion, assisted suicide, same-sex marriage, pornography and human trafficking.
  • Provided Tickle Your Tootsies packages for the less fortunate all over Nebraska
  • Created Boxes of Joy for children in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti & Puerto Rico.
  • Our affiliation with NCCW helps support Food for the Poor, Madonna Plan, Human Trafficking, Catholic Relief Services, Refugee Women Emergency Fund, Cross Catholic Outreach, Help a Child, Water for Life & social action throughout the world. All of this takes money.

Therefore, we are asking for your monetary help.   Some parishes had fabulous success with sending a letter bulk mailed to the women registered in their parish (with approval of your parish priest before you do this) & others make a set donation from the parish & the women decide what amount they wish to donate to the GIDCCW, while others use a white envelope with “DCCW” on the front.    We are counting on YOU to help educate about our programs so they understand what the Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women support!   Parish CCW Treasurers should mail the contributions to Grand Island DCCW Treasurer, Sharon Swett, 829 West Depot St., Ericson, NE 68637