Fall Institute All Soul’s Church, Bridgeport, NE


Chuck Elley 28 yr. retired veteran of NSP graduated 1980 from high school gave us an eye opening talk on raising youth today for parents and grandparents.  Back then alcohol & marijuana were problems, today – sexting, trafficking, active shooters.   Sexting is in middle school & H.S. “Child pornography”  88% of those photos end up on adult pornography sites.  It’s Not Love it’s LUST.  Main culprit is smart phones; anyone in possession of nude photo is a felony crime ; 

Bullying another student & harass another student is a problem.

-online predator – their goal is to try & find kids & control them. They’re trying to groom or convince them they’re best friend & they’ll send them a cell phone-a direct line of communication.  They’ll tell them “Keep this a secret.” If naked photo is sent they’ll use it to blackmail them.

Cyber Bullying- contact the school; law enforcement can get in snap chat with court document.

Active shooters: students who felt they were bullied, usually a child or adult who has a sense of hopelessness; suicidal; they don’t stick with one group of friends, they bounce around;  almost always tell someone they’re going to do it.

War On Drugs: learning about today’s drugs through cell phones.  Google: over the counter med to get high-Roboing “Robo”ing drunk hallucinations; skittles – Robogels; Coriciian Cough & Cold “CCC”; Pharming Parties – raid med cabinet-pain killers, etc..

Google- eyeballing vodka, snorting bourbon-you’ll be surprised what you can learn and kids do it all the time.

Marijuana medical comes from different almost little to no THC to get you high recreational- THC -gets people high in 1995 average THC was 3.96%   today the average THC starts at 13% & as high as 31%. Then take cakes, brownies, etc. and start at 13% & go as high as 90%.   Surgeon General on today’s marijuana – today’s marijuana directly impacts 10 yr old minds and also impacts pregnant women & baby’s in the womb; impacts motivation & drive to do anything; Edibles take about 10 min. to take effect

He met with psychologists in Denver & Colo Springs & 40% patients were effected before they legalized it now 100% of patients and now high rise in psychosis & schizophrenia

96% chance after using meth and one time are hooked on it & only in teens a small % are able to get off

Vaping-Juling- you cannot smell marijuana oil in vamping.  LOTS of problems & deaths every day

What can we do?  Set the rules. Don’t use drugs in front of them; Be a parent not their friend-especially in middle school & HS; not until in college can you be their friend.  Both parents on same page with discipline; check their cell phones;    420=light up day:  Columbine happened; Pay attention to texts-crank-meth; check phones & Social media. Fort Nite-only family members No one else; Never leave middle school/high school home alone on weekend; check their eyes & breath. You have right to say “I do it cuz I Love you Man”  Drug test your kids once in a while; know their friends; search their bedrooms; Have Family time – No cell phones for anybody-mom & dad & grandparents when a family gathering, mealtimes, etc.!  Show them & tell them you love them; pray as a parent &  pray as a family.

Bob Easton & Roger Hoffman – Mission II Haiti  Bob 25 + yr. Roger 15 yr.  Non Profit, Non denominational based in Kearney

In 2000 they founded Water for Haiti; Works with two other organizations – Living Water out of TX & Life Waters out of Canada.  work on 140 wells; they have to pay to go to schools so many don’t ever get to go.  Re-use old wells & bringing life to new pumps; average Haiti woman walks 4 miles to get 5 gal bucket of water – Video

Even little girls wear the shorts because growing up they use as them as bottoms to their dress tops.

The brand new pump is $350 & parts from India; new well is $3,000 to drill it new.

Water is Life Giving    Rhoffman19@charter.net  to get video

Words of Haitians – Calm Down;  You’re thinking too much

They collect rosaries & leave them at St. James or Prince of Peace in Kearney

They can buy bibles in their language for $3 & needing 400 bibles currently to distribute;  5 schools in Haiti they work with

In May the Dental Hygienist group go & when done with teeth, help with wells, hey say they’d rather help with wells

Spirituality & Service Commission Reports- Pray, Repent, Listen for God’s Direction, Witness-Faith passed on by example, Testimony, Action Acceptance & Safety  Welcomed Valued & Appreciated; Attitude – Theology of the Body, Everyday Choices-Throwaway culture, Service, Be an Example; Catholics welcome Home-Find out Why, Continue to Learn, Prayer Partners for new & old parishioners, Welcome Pack to new parishioners, Black socks – good gifts for priests

Leadership Report-Mentoring women & finding their strengths. Who are the women who’ve mentored you in faith? Are we building leaders in our community by helping them learn and giving them the details on what needs to be done?

NCCW report-Susan Golden Rose Award – 5 high school registrations or more and a way to get more aware of NCCW