Membership – Calling All Women

Calling All Women

In 1920, the Bishops of the United States founded the National Council of Catholic Women.  Their purpose in doing so was to unite all Catholic Women together to serve their, parish, country and God with their works and efforts.  The Bishops designated that all Catholic women would be members of this organization.  Over the years, confusion, lack of participation, and introduction of other groups, caused the organization to falter.  A message was sent out by the Bishops to all parishes to rename any service, fund raising groups for the church, and committees to CCW or Council of Catholic Women.  Thus, our Rosary Sodality group became CCW and we have worked under that name since then.  I don’t know how some parishes missed that message, but today we have quite a few priests and parishes that disclaim CCW in our Diocese and have no CCW group or involvement.  I hope that is because of lack of knowledge and not disobedience to the bishops who founded this organization.  The CCW or Diocese Council of Catholic Women is the “umbrella” organization for all other parish organizations.  It should not be supplanted by any other church group and held instead of CCW.  Other groups can be held in addition to CCW, but not instead of CCW.

The Spring Assembly for the Grand Island Diocese Council of Catholic Women (GIDCCW) was held at Camp Comeca in Cozad on April 26-27.  As part of the program, special membership focus was presented by Carolyn Guzman, co-chair of Membership and Kayleen Lukasiewicz, President-elect and co-chair of Membership. Kayleen introduced some mixer activities designed to emphasize making your CCW meetings “Fun”. Carolyn talked about a “Cookbook Party” at her parish in Bridgeport.  Cookbooks were exchanged and attendance was higher than previous meetings.  The emphasis on having fun at your parish meetings was discussed and a print out of possible events, mixers, and fun activities was provided.

The focus on membership this year to improve our meetings and include more parent friendly “fun” activities was to encourage more women to become involved in CCW.  Since all women are part of CCW, we want to make meetings more pleasurable to attend.  In the coming weeks, I will provide more information on what NCCW is doing to support, educate, and empower Catholic women in spirituality, leadership, and service to our parishes, church, country and the world.

Deb Eschliman Membership chair, Past President GIDCCW

Carolyn Gusman, Membership co-chair, Past Secretary GIDCCW