Note from Omaha Province Director on NCCW

Please share with your ladies.

It’s been nearly a year I’ve served you as Province Director. I’ve enjoyed renewing acquaintances and meeting new ladies as I’ve attended some of your meetings, conventions and Catholics at the Capitol. The weather prevented most of us from carrying out every intended trip or it caused postponements or cancellations. Thank you for the opportunities I’ve had attending the NCCW Convention and the two NCCW Board of Director meetings. I’ve met wonderful ladies who are so capable and joyful. Last month I held the first conference call with our presidents. That idea came from other province directors and the NCCW commission and committee use of free conference calls. I encourage you to use conference calls in your Council work. www.https//

We’ve come $205 short of raising our $1000 from the Omaha Province. At present, we’re at $620, which includes four new or expired individual memberships from GIDCCW, the convention ad of $300, and the $100 donation the PD must pay. The purse donation should count $175. Can you help with a membership or donation to NCCW? Be sure to mention the credit goes to Omaha PD Susan Johnson.

The NCCW commissions and committees continue to develop resources and programs that will help you as you interact with others in your council, parish, family and community. Please check out our website,, regularly for updates and resources. Become a member of NCCW and use the Member Only Resources for all levels of Council activities. The back page of your handout “What Does Council Do for Me” contains a list of Member Only Resources. Promote use of these items in your Councils. A new resource is Calling All Catholics! Passing Our Faith to the Next Generation. The resource focuses on positive ways that we, as Catholic women can intentionally and proactively model how God works in our life—the strength and grace upon which we rely, the joy we experience through the friendship, prayer and service of a Catholic community.

Are you taking advantage of the Monthly Member and Rosary Calls?  Everyone is invited to pray the rosary as a unified group on the 13th of the month at 7 pm CT. The Monthly Member calls begin again on the third Wednesday of September on current topics such as new programs to serve the poor and vulnerable or how to attract new members to Council. Call in number for all calls: (515)-606-5163 Pin 703993#. If the rosary or program hasn’t begun, announce yourself and then mute your phone by pressing *6. You can take the phone off mute if you wish to speak by pressing *. If you join the call after the start time, please do not announce yourself despite the instruction to do so.

Approximately 18 of us will attend the NCCW Convention August 21-24 in Atlanta, GA. There we will see the commissions reveal new programs for the coming year. Proposed amendments to the NCCW Bylaws include adding the Executive Director as an ex-officio of the NCCW Board of Directors, changing the requirement from two months to 45 days for notice of proposed bylaw changes, and adding Spiritual Advisors to the NCCW membership category in order that they can obtain and use NCCW resources and prayers and participate fully in NCCW. If approved, be the first to enroll your spiritual advisors as members of NCCW and don’t forget to give credit to Omaha PD Susan Johnson!

Does your affiliate adopt yearly or biennial resolutions? A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. In a group, a resolution is an official expression of the decision or opinion of an official body. The proposed NCCW resolutions for adoption at the national convention are: Suicide Awareness, Opioid Crises Affecting our Nation, Bullying and Harassment and Reuse Products and Reduce Consumption. Please tailor your upcoming programs to encompass at least some of these topics. All resolutions and bylaw proposals can be found under NCCW Convention on the website. As the convention draws to a close, there will be a new president, president-elect, secretary, commission chairs, nominating committee, and one-half of province directors will be new. We will then look forward to the 2020 NCCW Convention at Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington Virginia August 26-29 when NCCW celebrates its 100th anniversary.

As of April, NCCW sent over $16,000 to CRS for five different funds. Have you considered sending your CRS funds to NCCW instead of sending them directly to CRS? Perhaps it would be a good idea to consider sending your CRS donations to NCCW so this wonderful organization receives credit for the affiliate’s donations.

Sr. Margaret Nacke, a member of the US Sisters Against Human Trafficking, wants me to let you know she is available as a speaker on human trafficking. She has spoken several times in Nebraska and still wishes to inform others of the on-going problem of human trafficking. Sr. Nacke suggested that small parishes cluster together to bring in a program. When asked what she charges, she said $100 plus mileage and lodging if it is possible. She can be reached at 410 5th St. at Hebron, NE 68370 where she is in retirement and caring for a family member. Her phone # is (785) 491-1101.

Lastly, I’d like to mention that the Recycle/Reuse decorations at our Province Meeting were provided by the GI Diocese Safe Environment team. They coincide with resolutions to recycle, reuse, and reduce consumption. The Kind Cards at your tables were made by the NCCW Spirituality Committee courtesy of myself and are available in packets of 25 at the NCCW Store. The NE Catholic Conference provided the Legislative Update page. Keep informed of the latest legislative news. Also, please send your Council news and a picture to NCCW and it will be uploaded to NCCW News: Affiliate Happenings. You may also make prayer requests to NCCW. God bless you as you once again take up your Council work!

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Susan Johnson, Omaha Province Director 2018-2020   (402) 322-1918