Note from Omaha Province Director on NCCW

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Greetings from Omaha Province Director, Susan Johnson

It is my hope you begin your new council year by creating a plan. The NCCW Five-Year Strategic provides a plan for NCCW and the parish CCW, deaneries, and dioceses. Goals include: 1. Provide spirituality enhancement opportunities for members, 2. NCCW resources and programs meet the needs of our Church and of Society, 3. Ensure the future of NCCW, 4. NCCW Operations meet the scope and needs of the organization, and 5. Get our message out. What organization couldn’t use these goals? Substitute your organization for NCCW and “get hopping”! The strategic plan can be found on the website.

Our organizations stay lively not only by strategic planning, but also by following current needs in the areas of service, spirituality, legislative advocacy, education, and leadership training development.  Consider supporting the 2019-2020 NCCW resolutions to increase awareness of the factors surrounding suicide and how to address the issue, the opioid misuse crisis affecting our nation, and to encourage prayer and action by the members of the NCCW that will bring hope and healing to the Nation and reuse products and reduce consumption to care for God’s creation.

Reminders: Submit names of your deceased loved ones and a donation to GIDCCW President Deb Eschliman. Your loved ones will be remembered in 12 masses in 2020 and the donation directed toward registration grants to the 100th NCCW Convention. If you shop online, choose NCCW as your favorite charity and make your purchases at

The bishops witnessed the important work done by Catholic women’s organizations during World War I. As a result, March 1920, NCCW was founded under the auspices of the U.S. Catholic bishops in March 1920.  God bless you for all the good works you do, and may your family enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Susan Johnson, Omaha Province Director 2018-2020   (402) 322-1918