Note from Omaha Province Director on NCCW

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I’ve hosted four monthly Omaha Province president’s calls with Presidents Kay, Deb, and Linda. Theresa Pavlik, OACCW PD-Elect joined us on the last two calls. The opportunity to discuss, collaborate, support, and pray has been wonderful.

Always Remembered, sponsored by the Omaha Province for masses for the deceased during 2020 shows approximately: OACCW 273 names/$1600; GIDCCW 190 names/$880; and LDCCW 42 names/$500. One mass for all the deceased named is planned each month by a spiritual adviser. The money is directed toward registration grants to the 100th NCCW Convention. Each arch/diocesan council sets guidelines for awarding the grants.

As a member of the NCCW Spirituality Committee, I meet via conference call on the 4th Thursday at 6 pm. My subgroup created the NCCW prayer for the 100th anniversary. Other groups are working on praying for priests, promoting a holy hour of prayer for 100th, creating a centennial prayer bookmark, and continuing the conference call rosary with a monthly theme. We are also searching for ways to promote use of the resources on the NCCW website, which was a focus in the Omaha Province.

The March 4 Executive Board meeting of the Omaha Province is scheduled immediately following the Senator’s Noon Lunch at St. Mary’s during Catholics at the Capitol.

NCCW 100 for 100 Giving – Please consider a donation and asking groups and individual members to make a tax-free donation in multiples of 100 to celebrate our 100 years and to kick-start NCCW’s reserve and endowment fund. (Information for this is in Vol. 45 No. 3 Catholic Woman Magazine and donations may be made on the NCCW website or mailed.)

Plan for NCCW 100th Anniversary celebrations at all levels of Council.

Invite Bishop Hanefeldt to the 100th Anniversary Convention August 26-29 in the Washington D.C. area. The theme is NCCW 100 Years – A Vision for the Future. Remember the financial responsibility is with your council to pay for the spiritual adviser and bishop’s registrations. Registration opens February 3.

Thank you to the 40 parishes and two deaneries who are NCCW affiliates and the 17 individual members, 2 supporting members, and the 8 collegiate members. You are blessed by your affiliations and membership in NCCW. Remember to renew your 2020 affiliations and memberships. Please continue my 2018-2019 focus of inviting ladies to become members of NCCW and write on the application, “Give credit to Omaha PD Susan Johnson.” (Membership is $50 per year and you are represented in organizations such as USCCB, receive Catholic Woman magazine and monthly e-newsletter, have access to publications and resources, are eligible to vote and serve on NCCW commissions and committee, collaborate with organizations such as CRS, join women on monthly membership calls on current topics and praying the rosary, attend national convention, and receive a 10% discount on merchandise.)

2019-2020 Focus: Arch/Diocesan CCWs should provide Spiritual Advisors and Bishop with a magazine subscription which now includes full access to all online member resources. Cost is $30. Contact NCCW office at (703) 224-0990 for more information. It would be great idea for deanery moderators, also.

Susan Johnson, Omaha Province Director 2018-2020   (402) 322-1918