Scholarship GIDCCW 2023-24

The Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women Scholarship was established several years ago to introduce the Council of Catholic Women to the young ladies of our parishes. The scholarships are awarded based on an application that includes information about their involvement with their parish and what the catholic faith means to them. The funds for the scholarships are an allocation of the General Fund of the GI Diocesan CCW Treasury which relates back to the funds that the local parishes make to the Diocesan Council through Contributions Sunday Receipts/Dues.

The Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women sponsors a Scholarship for Senior Girls who exemplify their Catholic Faith with service, leadership, and faith.   This $250 scholarship is awarded following the submission of your 2nd Semester registration for classes in your Freshman Year at an accredited 2 or 4 year college, technical college, or other specialized area of training.

**The Alliance and Grand Island Deaneries will match the $250 scholarship for the selected senior girl from an Alliance or Grand Island Deanery parish, respectively. The Alliance senior will also send this registration to Juliana Kalinowsk, 2405 Stevens St., Sidney, 69162 or The Grand Island senior will send her registration to De Tenski, 3916 Mary Lane, Grand Island 68801 or

All four winners, please send your 2nd semester registration to Sharon Swett, 839 West Depot St., Ericson, NE 68637;

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2023  Scholarship:

Alliance Deanery:  Winner – Audrey Splichal, Sidney

Alternate:  Gisele Guerrero, Minatare

Grand Island Deanery– Winner – Kajetan Hubl, Grand Island

Alternate: Olivia Stava, Grand Island

Kearney Deanery – Winner – No applications received


North Platte Deanery – Winner – Emily Gentry, Hyannis

Alternate: Allie Cosgrove, Long Pine


Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women

Scholarship Application

DUE: April 1st

Name of Applicant:________________________Phone:_____________________

Address:________________________________ City:_______________________

Email:__________________________________ High School:_________________

Parents Name:___________________________ GPA:_______________________

Home Parish:____________________________ City:_______________________

Post Secondary School You Plan to Attend:________________________________

Selected Course of Study:______________________________________________

The Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women are sponsoring this Scholarship for Senior Girls who exemplify their Catholic Faith with service, leadership, and faith.

I recommend this candidate for application to the GIDCCW Scholarship.



I hereby certify that the attached information is true and correct.



Attach: Resume that will address School Organizations, Leadership, Honors,

Church Experiences, Community Involvement

Attach: One Letter of Reference (Outside of Family)

Attach: “This is my Faith Story” demonstrating faith in your life. (Not less than 100 words.)

Return: Completed Application/Resume/Letter of Reference/Faith Story to:

Your Deanery President:

Alliance Henrietta Pelster: 2222 Rd. 109, Sidney, 69162

Grand Island Vicki Harvey: 420 E. O’Nell Ave., Greeley, 68842

Kearney Kellie Crowell: 521 Alva Ave., Ravenna, 68869

North Platte Cindy Dunbar: PO Box 136, Taylor, 68879