Standing Rules 2020



September 15, 2020

  1. The council will pay round trip mileage for officers, spiritual advisors, commission chairman, deanery presidents to required meetings.  The amount to be determined by the board of directors.   
  2. Raffles or sales shall not be held by individuals or parishes at any Grand Island DCCW function (without prior approval of the board of directors).
  3.  A voluntary contribution collection to be made annually in the month of October. The method of collection shall be decided by parishes.
  4.  Registration fees paid at diocesan convention and institutes shall be split 50% to the DCCW and 50% to the host parish to defray the expenses of such meeting.
  5.   The DCCW president shall be the official delegate to the NCCW Convention during her term.    The President-elect will be an additional delegate attending in odd number years.
  6.   The delegate and diocesan spiritual advisor’s expenses to the National Convention shall be paid from the Diocesan Council treasury after travel is completed.
  7.   The president, with the recommendation of the members of the executive committee, shall appoint diocesan commission chairman.
  8.   Commission chairman shall be eligible to appointment to the same commission for not more than two consecutive terms.
  9.   Each commission chairman will be allowed $100 each year to be used for expenses incurred.
  10.  The president may also appoint a vice-chairman for each commission, who may also attend board meetings ex-officio.  The vice-chairman shall be eligible to appointment to the same commission for not more than two consecutive 2 year terms.        
  11.  The president shall appoint special committees as necessary. They shall be eligible to the same committee for not more than two consecutive terms.
  12. Files should be kept for commission chairman and appointed committees to be passed on to future chairman of those committees.
  13. The Diocesan Spiritual Advisor is to attend all diocesan and board meetings.
  14. The Diocesan Spiritual Advisor is to select deanery moderators who are willing to serve and advise them of the duties of that office and urge their attendance at deanery and diocesan meetings.
  15. The president upon receiving an up-date of parishes having paid their NCCW dues by February will notify deanery presidents regarding those parishes who had not paid their dues.  She will advise them to contact the local parish representative about the status.  NCCW will send a June up-dated list of all paid parishes.
  16. The secretary shall keep the minutes of the Diocesan Council Convention and of all executive and board meetings.
  17. A copy of the minutes of the executive and board meetings should be submitted by the secretary to those designated members within two weeks of date of meeting.
  18. The treasurer shall pay all bills approved by the executive committee or board of directors.
  19. The treasurer shall receive all diocesan funds collected.
  20. The treasurer shall furnish at least 3 signatures for the bank’s checking signature card.
  21.  The treasurer shall sign all checks in addition to the president or another authorized person.
  22. The treasurer shall convey records of parishes who have paid the diocesan dues and other donation to the president prior to all board meetings.
  23. The treasurer shall present to board members at meetings a typed report of council finances-income and expenses.
  24. The historian shall record briefly the events and developments pertaining to the diocesan council.
  25. The parliamentarian shall advise the president of proper parliamentary procedure using Roberts Rules of Order.
  26. A written report by the diocesan secretary, spiritual advisor and  commission chairmen shall be forwarded to the diocesan president six weeks prior to the biennial convention.  The treasurer’s report shall be submitted by September 1.  These reports and the president’s report are to be included in the convention report.
  27. Calendars for the year are to be set up for each officer and commission chairman outlining the duties for each month to facilitate planning.
  28. The president should set up a calendar for each officer and commission chairman to provide articles for the West Nebraska Register.
  29. An organizational meeting (advisors consisting of past officers and commission chairman) shall be set up within thirty days (30) to bring together the past and incoming officers to pass on the books and information about the office.  The past and incoming commission chairman shall pass on all materials pertinent to their commission and other informative ideas.
  30. Establish a membership committee for recruitment of new members to keep the DCCW organization a viable organization. 
  31. Each deanery shall provide a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer plus three commission chairmen. The two- year term of these officers to run concurrently with the terms of the diocesan officers.
  32. The deanery president shall preside at all deanery meetings, shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and shall perform the duties usually devolving on her office.
  33. The deanery president shall be a member of the Board of Directors of the Diocesan Council.
  34. The secretary shall keep minutes of deanery and board meetings. The treasurer shall collect all deanery funds collected for any purpose and shall pay all outstanding bills.
  35. Parish representatives shall be appointed for no more than two consecutive two-year terms by their pastor or elected by the members. 
  36. Standing Rules may be amended at a board of directors meeting by majority vote.
  37. Deanery President organizes date of meeting and program with her Executive Board and Deanery Spiritual Advisor.
  38. Parish Representative and Parish Spiritual Advisor must be notified a minimum of 6 weeks prior to scheduled date of deanery meeting and program.
  39. At the death of a GIDCCW president or past president, a $25 memorial will be made the National Council of Catholic Women and a card sent to her family members.
  • The board shall be paid 25 cents/mile round trip when attending required events and speakers and special guests shall be paid the current IRS rate for mileage.

(Adopted on 1/18/2021 with a vote at a Full Board of Directors Meeting)

  • A spiritual memorial card shall be sent at the time of their death, to the family of any clergy or religious that is of the Grand Island Diocese with a donation for a Mass to be said at the standard rate for Mass offerings.                                                                                        

(Adopted on 1/18/2021 with a vote at a Full Board of Directors Meeting)

These Standing Rules shall replace all previous ones and were adopted by the Board of Directors at a duly notice meeting on   July 15, 2012.

Committee: Shirley Chramosta, Darleen Schulte and Kay Ripp

 Revision :  July 20, 2014

Revision Committee:  Darleen Schulte, Kayleen Lukasiewicz and Barb Sack.

                                    Revised Aug. 15, 2020