Challenge to Deaneries on collection of Dues & Sem. Funds

Why should my parish support the GI Diocesan Council of Catholic Women? Because we are the voice for all women.  The mission is to support, empower and educate all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service. The web page for the Grand Island Diocesan Council of Catholic Women has a wealth of information about the Council and what it is doing around the Diocese. There is information on the webpage about the upcoming events and projects underway. Please get in the practice checking the webpage, like the GICCW Facebook page and send in your dues to support the Diocesan Council and get active

The Seminarian fund was started 10 years ago to show our support of the seminarians in the diocese and the power of our organization. A check for $10,000.00 has been presented to the Bishop at the Spring Assembly for the Seminarian Fund. Since that time, we have made the gift of $10,000.00 each year to the Diocesan Seminary Fund to show that the Council is active and supportive of our seminarians. This fund has a balance of $3,150.00, far short of the goal of $10,000.00 by April 1.

We would propose a “challenge”…….. Which Deanery can achieve the highest participation percentage for contributions to both funds by April 1?  The prize will be “Bragging Rights” at the Spring assembly! Can we hear from more of our parishes then in the previous year? I have the deposit book ready and waiting to hear from you. Please make sure to designate on the check what the proceeds are for (contribution Sunday/dues or Seminary Fund). Judy Wagoner GIDCCW Treasurer, 1411 Walnut St, Wood River, NE 68883 (308-583-2594) if you have questions.