Water for Life – Mission II Haiti

Recently, our President Deb Eschliman was flying out of the GI airport when she met up with Bob Easton and Roger Hoffman from Mission II Haiti. They were in line with 2 large suitcases filed with dresses for Haiti. The suitcases weighed in at just several ounces short of the 50 lb limit. They told Deb that the dresses were very much appreciated but would like to have more of the smaller size dresses. So, ladies when you are sewing these winter days think of the little sizes.

In December 12,000 Best Choice Bar codes were redeemed bringing the total for the year 2018 33,000 bar codes redeemed for a total of $990.00 for the Mission II Haiti Water project.

A HUGE HELP  is when the bar codes are trimmed and counted. What is needed is the number at the bottom that begins 70038xxxxxx. That shows that the bar code is from a best choice product.  Last year ladies spent time trimming and counting the bar codes, but if you would help us trim and count, they will be free to participate in the planned activities of the spring assembly.

We received the certificate to participate again this year so please help with the project, enjoy Best Choice products, trim and count and come join us at the GIDCCW Spring Assembly, April 26 and 27th at Camp Comeca in Cozad. Or, bring the bar codes to your spring Deanery meetings, and as a last resort mail to Judy Wagoner, 1411 Walnut St, Wood River, NE.

In 2017 Mission II Haiti raised money for a pickup to be used in their work in Haiti to improve water systems. 


The dresses are very much appreciated. The group has identified several schools for distribution. So ladies, continue to sew the dresses and bring them to your Deanery & Parish CCW meetings so that they can be delivered for the next visit.    You can follow their work on Facebook: Mission II Haiti, or You can also follow Mission II Haiti at www.MISSIONIIHAITI.ORG 

Remember the words from Matthew 25:35 For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink; a stranger and you welcomed me.

The smiles speak volumes.